Is The 1988 Fire Fighters Case Really Solved?

April 1, 2019 KKFI 90.1 FM

Joe O'Connor tells about his research into the 1988 explosion that killed 6 KC Firefighters and evidence that could definitely solve the case.


In the early hours of a late November day in 1988 KCMO Firefighters were called to the scene of a PU truck fire at a construction site in South Kansas City. While they were putting out the truck fire the noticed a second fire across the street at the construction site for the south leg of the Bruce Watkins drive. An arson fire had been set under a couple trailers on the site. The trailers were not marked and the Firefighters did not know that the trailers contained explosives used for blasting the rock to make way for the highway. The Explosion rocked the whole metro area and instantly killed six firefighters from Firehouse 41.

The investigation into who set the fire took many turns and there was not evidence to charge anyone for almost 8 years. Five neighborhood residents that had initially been ruled out were indicted and convicted after a national TV show took up the case. The convictions and the persistent claims of innocence by the five men has been almost as explosive as the incident itself. There have been numerous articles and even a documentary film or two over the years raising doubts about the evidence and testimony used to convict the men.

Host Craig Lubow talks to Joe O’Connor has conducted research on this case for a book his father wrote titled Justice On Fire and produced a documentary film on the incident as well. He will tell about the evidence the KC Police Department has that could resolve this case one way or the other if only it would be tested.

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